Donating to Second Chance Cat Rescue

cat with a begging bowl It costs a surprising amount to run the Second Chance Cat Rescue centre.

Our vets bills including neutering plus flea and worming treatments for the whole of 2013 came to well over 4000 with another 1,200 going on cat litter which we buy in bulk. Add to that cat food and other essential expenses and you will see we have to raise a substantial amount of money each year to pay our way.

Second Chance Cat Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who work continually to try and raise funds to help support the rescue effort. But without the very kind donations from the public we still would not be able to meet our bills.

So if you can help us by donating to Second Chance Cats Rescue, that will mean we can go on giving cats and kittens that SECOND CHANCE we believe they deserve!

100% of the money we receive from donations goes straight towards caring for the many cats we rescue. Payment is can be made into the Rescue Paypal Account which is then transferred to the Rescue Bank Account as soon as it is received.

And if you know of anywhere we can set-up a stall for additional fundraising or anyone who will take one of our donation boxes for their family, friends, work colleagues or customers please ring Elaine on 01469 569563

So from all of us here at Second Chance Cat Rescue, THANK YOU!